Ali Kulture The Superhero

Ali Kulture The Superhero

Ali Kulture The Superhero

Ali Kulture has hustled his entire life and is now living the American Dream. What makes Ali Kulture different is his story. Gut wrenching and fascinating don’t even begin to describe Ali Kulture’s story. When Ali Kulture was 2 years old, his father was killed by the Taliban. Dealing with tragedy at such a young age caused Ali Kulture to build strength and resilience.

Ali Kulture the Superhero

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero like Bruce Wayne? There are so many fakes in this world who will cut your throat when you are not looking. Ali Kulture highlights this in his song “Superhero”. Spacey and laid back vibes with a message that a lot of people can relate with. Ali Kulture wants to share his story and the struggle of immigrants. From Pakistan to America, Ali Kulture has gone through a lot. Throughout all the negativity, he is finally achieving success. Ali Kulture is starting to catch fire and his music is gaining a lot of momentum.

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“Superhero” is sonically pleasing and the bassline hits hard. Don’t miss out on this legendary track!

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