Who is PROTESTSOUND? PROTESTSOUND is a creative band that mixes many different elements from different genres. Formed in 2016, PROTESTSOUND has evolved and worked really hard to get to where they are now.

They are also leaving a “legacy”. On their track “Legacy”, the vocals are hard-hitting and powerful. The female singer knows how to belt it out and how to flow. The guitar rhythms are unique and definitely have a pop-punk feel. The vocals remind me of a young Lizzy Hale from Halestorm. The music reminds me of Paramore. It’s a good blend of sounds.


“Michael” features male vocals mixed with female vocals. There are some great riffs that really stand out. PROTESTSOUND is a mix of rap, punk, and rock. It is clear that some of the influences in their music are Antiflag, Ramones, and Alice in Chains.

There is even a hip hop vibe in their music that channels elements of Cypress Hill or even Nas. Constantly evolving, PROTESTSOUND is focusing on producing new music and improving on what they do. The growth is quite apparent ever since the release of their earlier material (silicon valium, netfix).


My favorite track off MASTERCLASS is “Psychosocial”. The intro riff is funky and fantastic. The vocals come in with power and then a rap verse follows. There are really cool synth riffs layered in this track that remind me of old-school nu-metal tracks. Everything about this song is a hit. It is well-produced and leaves an impact. PROTESTSOUND is here to stay and I cannot wait to hear what is next for these newcomers.

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