Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills is the newest Michael Myers movie that is making waves. In the movie Halloween Kills, Michael Myers kills a gay couple that was living in his old house. This has angered many members of the LGBTQ community.

Halloween Canceled

Every year there is always some group that gets offended for Halloween. If you are white and wear a costume of a minority group, then you will be called out. There is nothing new about Halloween cancel culture, but now LGBTQ groups are targeting Michael Myers.

Michael Myers Canceled

Michael Myers is an equal opportunity serial killer. Michael Myers will kill anyone or anything it doesn’t matter what race, religion, nationality, sex, or sexual preference you have. People are always looking to get outraged nowadays and sometimes, it is completely left field and uncalled for. Shouldn’t the LGBTQ community be happy that they are included in the Halloween Kills movie and they make mention of LGBTQ people inside the movie? It sounds like the Halloween franchise is actually pretty diverse and inclusive.

Michael Myers Mask

The original Halloween was shot on such a low budget that the production and design team couldn’t afford a custom mask for the movie. In order to create an original mask for the Halloween movie, they took a Star Trek Captain Kirk mask and painted it white. They painted it white, cut some holes, and painted the hair. Now, we have the infamous Michael Myers mask and we have Captain Kirk to thank for the mask.

William Shatner reaction to Halloween Mask

In an interview with Jake’s Takes, Will Shatner talked about his initial reaction to the Halloween mask. “I don’t think I saw the movie, but I saw the mask probably in a picture, and I recognized it as the death mask they had made for me.” He also added that he thought it was a joke.

Who Played Michael Myers

Who played Michael Myers?

In the original Halloween, you see Tony Morans face at the end of the movie. The person who played Michael Myers in the costume was Nick Castle. Now, 6 other people have stepped into the role. Dick Warlock played the new version of Michael Myers in Halloween II.

Then, George P. Wilbur put the Michael Myers mask on Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Don Shanks took on the role of Michael Myers in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. In Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Chris Durand took on the role of the infamous killer. Brad Loree wore the Michael Myers for Halloween: Resurrection. Tyler Mane took on the role for Rob Zombie’s reboot and reprised the role in H2. Now, James Jude Courtney took on the role in the newest installment Halloween Kills.

Michael Myers Unmasked

Michael Myers unmasked and showing his face in the original Halloween was the beginning of this mega-successful movie franchise. Every since then Michael Myers became an enigma and a mythological figure.


In the newest movie, Halloween Kills, Michael Myers cannot be killed. Even after everyone on the block takes lethal shots, Michael Myers gets up and enacts his revenge. Michael Myers can never be stopped and Halloween will never be killed. The fear of Michael Myers has transcended generations and will continue to transcend generations for years to come.

Michael Myers Tattoo

michael myers mask
michael myers mask

All over the world, Halloween fans pay tribute to Michael Myers by getting his face tattooed on their body. Technically, they are getting William Shatner’s face tattooed on their body, so hopefully, they are also Star Trek Captain Kirk fans too.

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