Mediatakeout is another hip hop news site that we are particular fans of. They offer news, insights, sports, and politics. Meditakeout has been around for several years and was started in January of 2006. It is a great alternative to our site and also to WorldStar.

Mediatakeout com

Meditakeout was founded by a former corporate lawyer called Fred Mwangaguhunga. Born in Uganda, Fred created Mediatakeout to offer African Americans another option for African American news. It is so important for there to be outlets that offer African American news because the media can be very biased towards African Americans.

Hip Hop News 2021

There are many sites that offer quality Hip Hop news. Our site, Rock the Hip Hop, offers quality hip hop news, but we are not the only site. We are the new kids on the block, but we strive to provide the best news and also, provide people with alternatives. Our goal is to be as open and honest as possible and embrace our competition. We are writing this article to pay tribute to Mediatakeout because they offer quality news and they broke many important news stories such as Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy.

Rap News

All Hip Hop is another great resource for hip hop artists. They offer quality news.

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