Nsy Roro is Unlike Most Rappers

Nsy Roro is Unlike Most Rappers

Nsy Roro is Unlike Most Rappers

Heavy Metal Freestyle

“Heavy Metal Freestyle” isn’t heavy metal per se but it has a heavy vibe. Nsy Roro has a fast flow that relentlessly targets fake friends and people who scrutinize him. Don’t sleep on Nsy Roro or take him as a joke.

The music isn’t heavy metal, but the themes in Nsy Roro’s songs are heavy and dramatic. All of his music is fierce and powerful. One thing you can definitely say about Nsy Roro is that his production value is top-notch. The beats are clean and the flows are even cleaner.

Interestingly, Nsy Roro channels a bit of Yelawolf with his voice and flow but still manages to pave his own way and path. Nsy Roro is a force to be reckoned with and will soon take over the hip hop world.

Nsy Roro

Nsy Roro is an upcoming musician/rapper from Ontario, Canada. Compared to what is going on in Canada right now, Nsy Roro is a trendsetter. Thoroughly diverse, Nsy Roro is mixing hip hop, R & B, indie, rock, and even pop music into a catchy and unique style.

If you are a fan of Drake, J Cole, Cordae, Chance the Rapper, or Bryson Tiller then you should listen to Nsy Roro. Passionate about his craft, Nsy Roro is here to stay and will be around for a while.

Did you know that Nsy Roro is only 15 years old? With that much talent under his belt at such a young age, Nsy Roro will only keep escalating his career to the top.

In 3 years, he sees himself as the most popular artist coming out of Canada.


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