Sofia Evangelina is Soulful and will ENDURE

Sofia Evangelina is Soulful and will ENDURE

Sofia Evangelina is Soulful and will ENDURE

Stunning talent and impressive vocal abilities are just the beginning when it comes to Sofia Evangelina. Talent like Sofia Evangelina’s is quite rare nowadays. Holding notes with vibrato and strength is a skill that many do not possess. Stunningly, Sofia Evangelina will blow you away with her harmonies, cadences, and phrasing. “Endure” is beautiful and enchanting.


The instrumentals in “Endure” are absolutely captivating. Everything about this track is so laid back, soulful, and breathtaking. A smooth guitar riff permeates throughout Endure with a funky bassline and chills drums. It is cool to hear a bit of trap influence mixed with electronic and soul. This song is a blend of so many different genres that it keeps you on your toes and excited. Sofia Evangelina has a voice so clean and beautiful it will leave you speechless.

The album cover for this song is cold. Similarly, the mood of this track is cold, vicious, and chilling. “Endure” is a classic. There is even a soulful guitar solo mixed with some modern scat singing. I love everything about this track.

Sofia Evangelina is Soulful

Sofia Evangelina has a voice that is remarkable. Honestly, it is one of the best voices that I have heard in a while. Perusing through her YouTube channel, I found an impressive live performance of Sofia Evangelina singing Etta James songs. Blues and soul are Sofia Evangelina’s bread and butter. She can cover Rihanna, Etta James, and Tina Turner. Her vocal range is extensive and clean. You will be blown away by this live performance from Sofia Evangelina.

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