Th3 Witching Hour by @l3x oliv3r

Th3 Witching Hour by @l3x oliv3r

Growing up in the crime-ridden town of Macon, Georgia, about an hour outside of Atlanta, @l3x Oliv3r was accustomed to darkness. However, he yearned for a life beyond what he saw in his hometown where the most anyone achieved was a life-sentence in a dead-end job.

His dreams of creating a living by having fun, doing crazy things, and making music were ignited when he stumbled upon the video for ‘My Band’ by D12 in his youth. The potential for artists to have ultimate freedom was alluring, and @l3x found inspiration in the works of various musicians, particularly rapper DZK, whose genre-bending aesthetic and devotion to the darker side of life resonated with him.

After moving to Atlanta for college, @l3x relentlessly hustled by playing numerous shows, networking, and sharing his music with anyone who would listen. He poured his heart and soul into his music, building up a following and even earning the opportunity to open for Rick Ross and Big Boi at separate events.

He is continuing to make moves and energize fans all around the world. Here is our review of Oliv3r’s new tracks “Th3 Witching Hour” and one that we especially love called “Beautiful Dead”.

Th3 Witching Hour

@l3x oliv3r’s artist name is just as unique as his rap style. Honestly,”Th3 Witching Hour” is exactly what it says it is. It is a song that has ominous vibes and dark lyrics.

This is song isn’t your typical rap banger because it deals with occult themes and elements. Even though the song is a minute and 15 seconds, it still manages to deliver.

“Reading tea leaves, but it’s not a good picture” are among some of the clever lines in this song and the creepy keyboard riff accentuates Oliv3r’s flow.

The chorus is a departure from the style of the verse, and I wish this song had 2 other verses because it’s actually really good.

The style of this track is something you would hear under the Psychopathic Records umbrella which was founded by Insane Clown Posse.

@l3x Oliv3r definitely penetrates the horrorcore genre, but adds his own unique voice and twist to the style that is actually reminiscent of classic horrorcore rap from the early 90s.

Beautiful Dead

“Beautiful Dead” is a song that also manages to capture the essence of its title. This song is beautiful, but also has an eerie feeling. There are so many bars on this track that it’s actually quite impressive.

@l3x has an impressive flow and he knows how to switch up the cadence of his flow effortlessly.

Oliv3r leaves you wanting more with his songs because his average song length is approximately a minute and 30 seconds.

Visit @l3x Oliv3r’s official website HERE


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