Travis Scott Astroworld Houston

Travis Scott Astroworld Houston

Travis Scott Astroworld Houston


Travis Scott Astroworld Houston

This past weekend of November 5, 2021, the music business was hit a devastating blow by the death of 8 people at the Astroworld fest in Houston. Travis Scott was performing when fans were trying to rush to the front causing some people to suffocate and get trampled to death. What an absolutely devastating tragedy and a completely preventable tragedy.

Who do we point the finger at?

Travis Scott To Blame for Astroworld Disaster

Is Travis Scott to blame for the Astroworld disaster?

Many people are pointing their fingers at Travis Scott. The biggest criticism that Travis Scott is receiving is that he didn’t stop the show soon enough. There was a moment in the concert when Travis Scott is seemingly aware that something is wrong and then he continues by bringing Drake out. Now, Travis Scott and even Drake are going to be caught up in several lawsuits due to the horrible tragedy that occurred on November 5th, 2021 in Houston, Texas.

Atroworld Deaths

The deaths at Astroworld could have easily have been prevented if more security measures were in place. The festival was overcrowded and people were jumping the gate to get in. All of this chaos resulted in 8 fatalities. The ages of the deceased range from 14 to 27 years old.

Everyone was trying to rush to the main stage to get closer to Travis Scott and then panic ensued. People were trampled to death and suffocated as a result of all the commotion. There were also many injuries reported.

Astroworld concert went on for 40 minutes while chaos ensued

The concert was already chaotic, to begin with. Large crowds were gathering and by the time Travis Scott hit the stage, it was already utter chaos.

Police and security were late to respond and the venue was ill-prepared to handle the crowd surge. After an intense rush towards the stage, there was no room for concertgoers to breathe. After several minutes of this madness, people started to collapse.

Concertgoers were trying to get the attention of the security but unfortunately is was too late. People were collapsing and they were unable to get help in time.

Firefighters and police were responding as quickly as possible but unfortunately, it was utter chaos at the Travis Scott Astroworld festival.




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