Vote for Randy MC

Vote for Randy MC

Vote for Randy MC

Randy MC needs your help to win a slot as the opening act for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. We are huge fans of Randy MC and when you check his music out, you will see that he deserves to win.


Baby Girl

“Baby Girl” takes you back to a simpler time. “Baby Girl” is the perfect blend of soul music, pop, and contemporary. There are doo-wap vibes mixed with 90’s pop. Randy MC is a talent that cannot be underestimated. His vocal style is clean and precise. He hits notes that not many pop stars can hit without someone messing with their vocals. Honestly, it is refreshing to hear someone with Randy’s talent. Randy MC deserves to win this contest at the Hollywood Bowl, but I have a feeling even if he doesn’t win this contest, he will still have a good career in music.


Randy MC is a multi-talented performer and musician. His piano playing skills are impressive and diverse. His music is sweet and tasteful. The fact that Randy MC makes beautiful, clean, and harmonious music in a world that is overrun with unnecessary vulgarity is refreshing. “High” has many high points and the instrumentals stand out. The bass is funky and the keyboard knows where to go. It is obvious that Randy MC has played some jazz because he knows how to solo. “High” is a song with a memorable melody and it makes you feel good. We need more feel-good music and I’d rather listen to “High” than get High.


Support artists! Support MUSIC! Randy MC needs your help and your vote. Please share this with your family and friends. Even if you don’t vote for Randy MC, listen to his music and share it because it is something special.


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