Young Thug Net Worth

Young Thug Net Worth

Young Thug Net Worth

Young Thug Estimated Net Worth

Young Thug’s Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $8 million. The only problem with this is he is facing a lawsuit that claims that he hasn’t paid $2 million in rent. It is possible that Young Thug has made bad financial decisions that have left him with much less than $8 million.

How Many Kids Does Young Thug Have

Four different women have made babies with Young Thug and you better believe that child support adds.

How many kids does Young Thug Have?

Young Thug has 6 different children by 4 different women.

Young Thug’s Children

Young Thug most likely has money issues from having too many children. Children cause financial problems for people when people have too many children. Having 6 children by 4 different women is a great way to ensure that you will lose millions of dollars. These women all fiend for your money and engage in frivolous lawsuits that take time and money. All of this money comes out of Young Thug’s pocket.

Don’t have 6 Children

Young Thug, having 6 children wasn’t the best idea, but it’s too late now. Try not to have any more children because that will just take more zeros off the end of your bank account.

Elton John Thinks Young Thug is a Better Rapper than Eminem

Elton John is getting old and when you get old, you make bad decisions. Recently, Elton John said that he thinks that Young Thug is a better Freestyle rapper than Eminem and we find that ridiculous. We find Young Thug to be very talented, but better than Eminem? Come on, dude!

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