Lizzo Weight Loss

Lizzo Weight Loss

Lizzo Weight Loss

How much does Lizzo Weigh

Lizzo’s weight is approximately 308 pounds or 140kg.

Lizzo Height

Lizzo’s height is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Lizzo Weight Loss

Lizzo has been trying to lose weight for a while. After a certain point, she resorts back to the body positivity movement which is great. It is important to be optimistic and love yourself. Also, Lizzo has to continue to work on herself and lose weight because it can be detrimental to her health if she doesn’t.

Lizzo BMI

According to Lizzo’s BMI, Lizzo is obese. It is not healthy to be over 300 pounds. Sadly, this sends a bad message to other women. Many health problems are associated with obesity especially obesity this severe. Here at the Rock the Hip Hop, we care about Lizzo. We love Lizzo’s music and we want to see her healthy. We think Lizzo is a beautiful, beautiful woman even though she is large, but for her health, it is important that Lizzo loses weight.


Lizzo Be Eating and we support Lizzo’s freedom to do whatever she wants. The very talented Lizzo is also vegan or plant-based. Not really sure if she’s actually vegan because veganism is a moral belief or if she’s just trying a plant-based diet.

Lizzo is Vegan

Lizzo is trying to redefine beauty standards and what people think of when they think of vegans. When people think of vegans, they think of skinny and malnourished individuals. Lizzo wants to take that back. She wants people to know that you can be vegan at any size and her new plant-based diet might actually help her shed some pounds and get down to a healthier size.

Lizzo and Chris Evans

Lizzo slid in Chris Evans DMs. The most ironic thing about Lizzo is that she talks about big being beautiful yet she fiends over one of the most beautiful men there are. Does Lizzo just mean that we should accept large women and not men? She doesn’t seem to have the same beauty standards for men. Does that make Lizzo a hypocrite?

Lizzo and Chris Brown

Lizzo met Chris Brown at the opening night of Omarion’s “Millenium” tour and she freaked out. Lizzo said that Chris Brown is her favorite person and fans are not too happy since Chris Brown has a history of beating women and not being such a nice guy.

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Recently, we created a TikTok about Lizzo that went viral. We were just stating her weight, height, and BMI. People freaked out because they thought we were insulting Lizzo. We love Lizzo, but were just stating medical facts. Judge for yourself.

@rockthehiphopLizzo’s BMI says she’s obese according to her height and weight ##lizzo ##lizzobeeating ##foryoupage♬ Good as Hell – Lizzo





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