YTK Seth is Young Talented Kid

YTK Seth is Young Talented Kid

YTK Seth is Young Talented Kid


“Designer” is a sleek and clean track about a woman that likes designer things. What can we say about those types of women? All we know is YTK Seth knows how to handle women because he writes the kind of music that everyone can get down to. “Designer” starts off slow and then all of a sudden the fast rapping just takes you in. The instrumental is tight in this track and I like how it has different variations to keep it interesting throughout. Everything really compliments YTK Seth’s flow.

YTK Seth is a cool cat who knows how to dress and how to write a clever punchline. The nickname “Young Talented Kid” is no joke. Please do not sleep on YTK Seth and stream his new album “Rich Romance” which is a joint album with Valid The Vulgar out NOW!!!!


Rock the Hip Hop Interview with YTK Seth

What city are you from?

I’m from The Bronx Ny I go by the name Ytk seth with means young talented king

How has your city influenced your sound?

The Bronx is a place full of people who wanna make it out and I feel like I got what it takes to compete with the top dogs I’m hungry and I’m feeding off of everyone’s energy

Tell us about your best performance

My I won every show case I performed at and I’m going to continue to keep winning I feel like this is my destiny

Talk about your latest project

My latest project Life of Seth got over 25k streams over the past few months and it’s continuing to grow it even got me 11.7k followers on Instagram

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself takeover over the world in 5 year and hopefully I could be the New king of the Bronx



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