Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

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Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock Controversy

Will Smith was nominated for best actor and as luck would have it was seated in the front row when Chris Rock told his now-infamous joke. All Chris Rock said was “Jada, can’t wait for G.I. Jane 2!” At first, Will Smith laughed at this seemingly harmless joke, and then a few seconds later we see Will Smith walking up to Chris Rock.

Unbeknownst to Chris Rock, his fame was about to skyrocket even higher than it already was. Will Smith cocked his hand back and slapped Chris Rock. Chris Rock took the slap like a gentleman but was noticeably stunned.

Will Smith and Jada

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been together for over 25 years which is impressive. Sadly, it seems that their relationship is toxic. Both have stepped out into extramarital affairs, but Jada is a lot more open about hers. Everyone knows that Jada Pinkett slept with her son Jaden’s friend who is 20 years younger than Will Smith.

In different interviews, Jada said that she was drawn to August because he was broken and she wanted to heal him. I guess the only way she could really heal him is by giving him sex? But apparently, she asked for a break to pursue her relationship with August. Will Smith is clearly heartbroken by his relationship with Jada but has also accepted it.

Will Smith Meme

Will Smith Meme
Will Smith Meme

The problem with Will Smith accepting this reality is that it puts Jada Pinkett in control. Will is in a bad situation. Every time we see Will and Jada together it seems like he is always on guard and recently, he has come off as somewhat erratic in interviews. All the media attention and ridicule have caused him to snap.

Will Smith has become a “Will Smith Meme” and a joke. When Jada Pinkett Smith said “entanglement”, it became a late-night punchline. When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, Will Smith was slapping every comedian and everybody who has ever hurt him. Unfortunately, that is not the smart or best way to deal with your personal problems. Now, Will Smith is more of a “Will Smith Meme” than ever and he has bleached his storied movie career.

Academy Awards 2022

The Academy Awards should have escorted Will Smith from the Oscars after he slapped Chris Rock. Instead, they allowed him to sit there, accept his award, and give a speech. Will Smith should have to give his oscar back. Assaulting someone over a joke is not okay. It sets a bad precedent. The Academy even tried to lie by saying “we tried to remove Will Smith” but those rumors have been proven to be false.

The truth is that the Academy loved the Will Smith slap. Why? Their ratings have been hurting for years and the Will Smith slap has generated more controversy than the Academy could have ever dreamed about. Punishment needs to be executed in the form of a ban, oscar removal, or charges being filed. Will Smith getting away with that slap will encourage others to strike comedians who they don’t agree with. Respect freedom of speech even when it’s uncomfortable!

Will Smith Hitch



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This Tik Toker makes a good point: “When did Will Smith go from Hitch to bitch?”

Will Smith doesn’t need to simp to Jada Pinkett Smith. Clearly, he is bothered by her actions and there seems to be hurt that still hasn’t healed. Instead of lashing out at people with violence, Will Smith needs therapy. There is something deeply wrong with Will Smith and he needs help. Also, what was up with the actors and actresses at the Academy Awards applauding him. It’s like Jim Carrey said what a bunch of spineless hypocrites. We must stand up against violence and protect freedom of speech. Will Smith is a great actor, but his mistake wasn’t a small one. He should know better than to lash out at a joke that he was originally laughing at.




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