Interview with Jiggy Wts & Oatis Wts

Interview with Jiggy Wts & Oatis Wts

Interview with Jiggy Wts & Oatis Wts

The Cleaning Crew

“The Cleaning Crew” is a fun track that has a well-done and very entertaining music video. Get jiggy with Jiggy & Oatis. This music is straight fire and pops off in all the right places. This song is like the modern-day “Car Wash” and it really goes hard. A bouncy and fun vibe really helps to accentuate the vocals on “The Cleaning Crew”. Everything about this song is a hit and we reached out to Jiggy Wts & Oatis Wts for an interview.


Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Jiggy Wts & Oatis Wts

What city are you from?

Jiggy & Oatis WTS…. From the Middle of the Map. Tulsa, Oklahoma to be exact.

How has your city influenced your sound?

Even though Tulsa is classified among the 50 most dangerous cities in the country, Tulsa is where our heart lives. We’ve been blessed to say the least!
Tulsa… Man……. “It’s in us, not on us” Our City has given us a story to tell, spitting our truth and definitely being WTS!!
The difference between the BS and WTS!

Tell us about your best performance?

Our best or favorite Performance? Dang It’s a couple!! We’ve performed A LOT!!!
The love and support from Every City we’ve touched on…. Is a Blessing!! Shout out to
Highly Unique South Miami Florida (HURSOFLO) DJ Dwight, DC N Company Online Radio Station, One Stop Shop Podcast and Move Unscripted with Patricia Goins (ATL), KJMM 105.3 (Audrey Shine), and KVSP 103.5 FM (Landoo) & New music Monday with Cutta!

Talk about your latest project.

We stay working!!!
We have a Few Projects in The Making We’re Working On….. 2 New Singles as we speak… STAY Grinding wit us!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 Years We See Ourselves Multimillionaires Signed To A Major Record Label

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