Memoir Of Mr. Greenonit (VBlock Dutch)

Memoir Of Mr. Greenonit (VBlock Dutch)

Memoir Of Mr. Greenonit (VBlock Dutch)

Who is VBlock Dutch

At this point in his career, VBlock Dutch is a legend. After years of putting out legendary music, VBlock Dutch is also sharing his trials and tribulations. While reading his new memor “Memoir of Mr. Greenonit”, you learn about life in Kingston, Jamaica. Struggle and survival have toughened VBlock Dutch and helped to shape the sound of his music.

Run Tell Dat

“Run Tell Dat” is a hard-hitting rap song that really brings the energy. The drums are pounding and VBlock’s vocals are catchy. This is the perfect song for working out too because there is so much excitement in the words and music.

Throughout the song, you can’t help but just want to scream, “RUN TELL DAT!” VBlock Dutch is the perfect example of hard work and perseverance. The harder you work, the harder your music will sound and we really love everything about VBlock Dutch.

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Memoir Of Mr. Greenonit

Throughout the course of VBlock Dutch’s life he has beeen through divorce, drugs, family issues, and so much more. He had to reinvent himself many times while trying to come up on the streets of Jamaica. Trying to find a new hope eventually VBlock Dutch came to America to start over. This book is a fascinating true story that will really make you think about life. There are many life lessons to learn in this book and VBlock Dutch is just getting started. He is getting started on a new project called Mr. Greenonit. Everything is starting to take flight and you must check this book out!

Memoir of Mr. Greenonit:

VBlock Dutch
VBlock Dutch

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