Chet Hanks Spreads Coronavirus Misinformation

Chet Hanks Spreads Coronavirus Misinformation

Chet Hanks Spreads Coronavirus Misinformation

Tom Hanks’ son Chet

Tom Hanks is a very talented actor. Once upon a time Tom Hanks decided to have children. Unfortunately, Tom had a child named Chet. Chet is the kind of boy who grew up knowing that they weren’t very special or talented. It is pretty clear that Chet has no real identity and has struggled emotionally his whole privileged life. The definition of privilege is Chet Hanks. Imagine being born the son of one of the greatest actors in the world. Obviously, Chet would have zero media attention if it weren’t for his famous parents.

Chet Hanx the Troll

Clearly, Chet Hanks has a need for attention whether that attention is good or bad. First, it was White Boy Summer. Now, it is trolling people about the COVID-19 vaccine. It is dangerous when a person who has the following spreads misinformation about a virus they know nothing about. When people say things like, “COVID-19 is the same as the flu,” they sound dumb. First off, COVID-19 and the flu are two different viruses. COVID-19 has a higher rate of transmission and is deadlier. Right off the bat, people sound dumb when saying one virus is the same as another virus. Unfortunately, the majority of people on Chet Hanks’ Instagram seem to agree which is why the delta variant is spreading like wildfire. There are a lot of people who are misinformed about COVID-19 and then they spread dangerous information to people.

White Boy Summer

Tom Hanks once had a son named Colin. Colin is actually a talented actor. Colin keeps his head low and doesn’t need to attract attention by trolling and spreading misinformation. Colin Hanks has even been in several decent films and looks more like his dad. Chet Hanks is the opposite of Colin. Chet makes bad music and only gets attention by trolling. Tom Hanks was one of the first celebrities to come down with COVID-19, yet neither Tom nor his wife have their vaccines neither. Many conspiracy theorists love to claim that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are Illuminati members who drink the blood of children and maybe they are?!? Just kidding. I sound like Chet, don’t I? Chet likes the attention he gets by trolling, so he will continue to troll for attention. I guess it’s working for him, so why bother being a decent human being that reports accurate statistics?

Oh well, it’s white boy summer y’all!







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