CuzDox Interview

CuzDox Interview

Who is CuzDox

CuzDox is a rapper from Niagra Falls with an old-school approach and a raspy voice that spits hard rhymes over chill beats.

Tracks like “Needs Freestyle” and “Murder” are reminiscent of classic Nas among other legendary rappers.

It is refreshing to hear a rapper like CuzDox in a world full of imitators. CuzDox released “Flip N’Stretch” in 2022 and it is an absolute masterpiece. We had to reach out to CuzDox for an interview.

Rock the Hip Hop CuzDox Interview

What city are you from?

My name is CuzDox I’m from Niagara Falls New York born and raised

How has your city influenced your sound?

I come from a gritty city and it reflects in my music. Just growing up in this environment where it’s freezing 9 months a year and most people struggle to make rent, shaped me into what I am now. You can hear the broken gritty city in my songs if you listen and close your eyes you can see the situations we went through the city has taught me a lot and it all shows in my music being from upstate New York there’s a different beat of life here and it makes you into a hustler it gives you ambition and you can hear that on songs like “murder” and “up” on flipNStretch my latest project

Tell us about your best performance?

My best performance I’d has to say would be the show we did with Dave East and Millyz back home in upstate NY at the showplace theater. I’d say this is my best performance to date because it was a hometown venue so the energy was vibrant we sold out that night and we had just come home fresh off tour through the Midwest where I developed some new songs and really mastered my approach to the stage I’ve already had great stage presence but something about that tour pushed me over the top and I was excited to bring that level of entertainment back home to share with my family and my day 1 fans

Talk about your latest project

My latest project out now is titled “FlipN’Stretch and you can find that shit wherever you listen to music. This latest project was inspired by 3 things the hustle, the city, and my late brother Sam Hathaway A.K.A. Blammy. The hustle is very present in this project I look at flip n stretch as less of a piece of work and more of a lifestyle everything we do we make it flip and double up that’s money, materials, merchandise, mindset anything we make it flip and double up. The city is present in this project because I’m speaking on experiences I’ve had in my city you can’t find situations like this outside my city it’s unique to us and you’ve gotta see it or hear it to believe it. And my brother, my brother has his influence all over this project I mean after all he taught me to get money taught me to hustle and he taught me to navigate this city I’m in the right way and he taught me the same about life and all of his lessons and delivered in abundance through my music and always will be (long live blamm).

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself all over the place I’m hoping to break into Europe soon and make my way over there for a tour and as for back in New York we have already begun launching a brand associated businesses and I’ll see them flourishing and growing over the next 5 years there’s a lot do exciting things coming and I can’t wait to see them and share them with my fans I’ve got 4 new projects in the works you can expect to drop over the next year and many many more to come over the next 5 music is a passion I aim to help people with and hopefully, in 5 years I’ll see more of that done.

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