Is R Kelly in Jail

Is R Kelly in Jail

Is R Kelly In Jail

Is R Kelly in Jail

Is R Kelly in Jail? Yes. R. Kelly will most likely be spending the rest of his adult life in prison.

Surviving R Kelly

Surviving R Kelly was the beginning of the end for R. Kelly. As soon as that documentary came out, the public image of R. Kelly drastically changed. People could no longer look the other way. R. Kelly was abusing, exploiting, and giving STDS to underage women causing permanent mental and psychological damage. Charges were filed and prosecutors were in on R. Kelly….

R Kelly News

On May 4, 2021, R. Kelly will be sentenced by the same federal judge who overlooked his racketeering and sex trafficking trial in Brooklyn. The sentencing could be as little as 10 years or a sentence of life in prison.

Throughout the next few months, R. Kelly’s lawyers will file motions which will seek to overturn the verdict. In 2 other states, R Kelly faces charges which include federal child pornography and obstruction counts. These charges keep getting postponed and a court conference is scheduled for October 20th.

R Kelly is taken off YouTube

R Kelly’s music will no longer be welcome on Google’s platform, YouTube. All of R. Kelly’s music channels have been taken down, so the only way to watch R Kelly videos is through re-uploads or on other platforms such as DailyMotion. YouTube has a policy about taking down convicted felons that they recently added to their terms of service agreement.

R Kelly Release Date

Now, R Kelly has another trial set for August for his child pornography and obstruction of justice and sexual abuse charges.

R Kelly was indicted under the RICO Act and is looking at decades in prison.

It seems like R Kelly will never see the light of day again.

Will R Kelly Make Music From Prison

R Kelly will most likely never make music again because that was the only thing he was ever good at. It is sad to see a talented black man destroyed by his own demons, but what he did to those black women was horrendous. R Kelly deserves prison for the abuse he inflicted on all of those women.

R Kelly Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth has reported that “Kelly’s current net worth is -$2million. At the peak of his career, it is estimated that Kelly was worth around $100million. In 2020, it was revealed that Kelly owes over $1.9million to the IRS.

So, that means that R Kelly won’t even have money to keep himself protected in prison and pay off people to protect him. R Kelly is in a bad situation right now and even though he did a lot of bad things, we are still praying for him.

Where is R Kelly Now

Where is R Kelly now?

R Kelly is on suicide watch. Now, the suicide watch hold is over, but R Kelly has been very emotional ever since his conviction. The federal prison system was very worried that the singer would try to take his life, but they have since taken him off suicide watch because he doesn’t seem to be in any real immediate danger right now.

R Kelly peeing on girl

R Kelly peeing on girl should have never been a joke. R Kelly became a Dave Chappelle joke after the videotape surfaced of him allegedly peeing on a minor. R Kelly slipped on those charges because they weren’t able to confirm whether or not the girl in the video was underage at the time of the filming. R Kelly has always been known for being a sleaze. Honestly, R Kelly just don’t drop the soap.

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