King P Interview

King P Interview

King P Interview

King P is a phenomenal talent. “Put it on Repeat” makes you want to put it on repeat. Funky bass and high hats hit you hard and then King P establishes that he really is the king. We had the pleasure to interview King P and we definitely were bobbing our head!

Rock The Hip Hop Interview with King P

Please explain your creative process, King P:

I allow the music to speak; it tells me what to write about based on my emotions and experiences. I never force the creative process, so if I feel nothing, I move on to the next beat or even take a break and return. Inspiration is everywhere is for me, I don’t think that can ever be a problem in the creative process.

Describe your sound and influences:

I make feel-good music. In short GOOD VIBES! My brand statement describes my sound precisely: King P (born Phillip Solomon Stewart in Miami, Fl.) is a Jamaican-rooted Hip Hop artist and multi-instrumentalist who delivers an unmatched level of energy through his Dancehall flair. My inspiration comes from all the greats; however, Iam very self-motivated! Music is a part of me and I am a part of music so it was natural to become an artist once I made the decision.

Describe your song writing process:

I approach each song differently. As described in my creative process, I allow the music to speak for itself. So sometimes I immediately hear the hook and other times the verses would come first. I always pick the title last and sometimes change the title a few times before solidifying it. Once I’m locked in, my writing just flows.

Where are you from and how has that influenced you musically?

I’m from Miami, Florida by way of Jamaica. My entire family is from Jamaica and I lived there after birth until 5 years old. While growing up in Miami, my neighborhood was dominant with Jamaicans. So my sound and influences are a combination between Jamaica and Miami, thus my two singles Good Vibes and my latest song, Slip N Slide!

Who would you like to open up for?

Drake, Bruno Mars, DJ Khaled.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

All the time…every single performance I feel nervous before I start and then it vanishes once I start!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself being an inspiration Globally thru film and music!

What is the best way to promote your brand?

Social Media, Networking, Collaborations, consistency and allow the fans to spread the love!

Where can we find your music?

All Platforms!

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