Lil Loaded is Dead at 20

Lil Loaded is Dead at 20

Lil Loaded is Dead at 20

RIP Lil Loaded

It is always such a shame and a tragedy when we lose a talented mind. Lil Loaded was on his way up and he tragically died at 20 years old. 20 years old is too young for anyone to go. Lil Loaded had a spot reserved for him at Rolling Loud and was making waves in the hip hop community. “6locc 6a6y” made a huge splash online and became a viral hit. The video is simple, yet effective. The song is undeniably catchy. Police officers please don’t watch it because there are a lot of unregistered weapons in this video.

Lil Loaded Suicide

Tragically, the cause of death was revealed to be suicide. The reason for Lil Loaded’s suicide has yet to be disclosed. Many speculate that he killed himself over a woman he was dating. Also, he was dealing with a lot of stress because of a murder trial and losing a close friend. All of this combined was too much for Lil Loaded.

Lil Loaded Manslaughter

On October 25, Lil Loaded was charged with murder in the shooting of Khalil Walker. Initially charged with manslaughter, his charges were reduced because there wasn’t any malice and it seemed like an accidental shooting. Still, this most have taken a serious toll on Lil Loaded. All of this, combined with his sudden fame, most have been too much for him to handle. It is not easy to deal with so much at such a young age.

Lil Loaded Instagram

Lil Loaded Suicide Note
lil loaded instagram story

Lil Loaded hinted at his suicide in a recent story where he is saying goodbye. Tragically, he asks for forgiveness for his shortcomings. This note is absolutely heartbreaking and it’s too bad he didn’t realize that no one is perfect. We all have shortcomings, and suicide is never the answer. Honestly, I wished someone close to him had read this and tried to help.

Please if you are in pain, reach out to someone.

Here is the suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Emo Rap

The problem with a lot of modern rap music is that many rap lyrics deal with suicidal thoughts. Most rappers use their music to deal with their suicidal thoughts and we never can tell what they are going through. Many are trying to reach out through their lyrics and begging for help.
When so many rappers blur the line, it is hard to tell who is on the verge committing suicide. Suicide should be taken very seriously because it is one of the leading causes of deaths. This world is full of pain and it is a struggle for most of us. Too bad Lil Loaded didn’t know how loved he really was. We love you Lil Loaded. God bless you! RIP Buddy.

Lil Loaded Legacy

Lil Loaded was on his way to the top. His videos were getting millions of views and he was producing multiple hit songs. Some of his notable tracks included “Emotional Killer”. This song is deep. It is hard to watch the music video after his death. It is especially hard to watch the music video with him singing to a gun in his hand. Guns breed tragedy. Statistically, most people end up shooting themselves or a loved one with a gun. Guns are great for protecting yourself, but statistically, we see more people turn to suicide.
Rap needs to let go of the guns and violence. We need more peace in our communities. Too many young talented black men end up dead from gun violence and it needs to stop. Lil Loaded is a talent that is gone, but will never be forgotten. His legacy will live on forever. Thank you, Lil Loaded!






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