SheShady is Back with Dream Hard Hustle Harder

SheShady is Back with Dream Hard Hustle Harder

SheShady is back with “Dream Hard, Hustle Harder” and it’s the follow up to her 2022 album called “Holiday Confusion”. “Holiday Confusion” and we had the pleasure of reviewing it last year. Click Here for “Holiday Confusion” review.

Cali Dreaming

“Cali Dreaming” starts the album off with a blast. The first melody that hits us is reminiscent of old school hip hop, particularly Nas, and then the trap beat kicks in.

SheShady has a unique flow which is a mix between singing and rapping.

It blends perfectly with the vibe of this track and when she sings “Cali Dreaming” it will get stuck in your head for days.

I See Ghost’s

One of my favorite tracks is “I See Ghost’s”. It’s the perfect blend of metal, rap, and horrorcore.

Everything about this song is dark and fun. SheShady screams, “I See Ghost’s” and every time it gets me in my feels.

The distortion in the back blends perfectly with the theme and this song is a vibe. The great thing about SheShady’s music is the way she blends different genres so effortlessly.


“Rocket” starts out with a beautiful acoustic guitar riff and then the trap beats help to accompany the track.

This song is different because it almost has an oriental sound and melody.

“Rocket” is the perfect song that showcases the diversity of sound that SheShady exhibits.

SheShady is Back with Dream Hard Hustle Harder

Overall, “Dream Hard, Hustle Harder” is a great album.

It showcases rap, rock, and hip hop in an authentic and unique way.

SheShady is a creative artist who is constantly hustling and grinding for her dreams to come true.

Make sure you stream SheShady’s new album called “Dream Hard, Hustle Harder” Here!


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