Yung Miami and Diddy

Yung Miami and Diddy

Yung Miami and Diddy

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 Yung Miami and Diddy

As “City Girls” blows up more and more every day, Yung Miami’s love life has become an interest to many. Pictures posted on Instagram, show Diddy and Yung Miami ringing in 2022 together. Then, Diddy deleted those pics.

While Diddy is entering into his senior years, it is no surprise he can still pull in the young and attractive ladies. Why? Money, power, and success. When you become as successful as P. Diddy then you as well can pull ladies that look as good as Yung Miami. But maybe they were just friends?

Yung Miami Pregnant

Now, Caresha Brownlee aka Yung Miami is pregnant!

So, apparently, Yung Miami and Diddy fizzled or never were, but now Southside is the lucky daddy of Yung Miami’s child-to-be. Producer Southside is not as successful as Diddy, but also not as old either.

At only 33 years old, Southside is a better choice to have a child with than Diddy. Although, Diddy could at least leave behind a bigger inheritance to his child than Southside could. Not that it would matter with Yung Miami’s cash flow. “City Girls” is still a big hit.

Jack Harlow Nail Tech

Yung Miami is a hard worker in makes a special appearance in the new hit song, “Nail Tech”. Jack Harlow’s career is on fire recently and Yung Miami has no signs of slowing down. Jack Harlow even secretly admits to having a crush on Yung Miami and loving her, but he better watch out with Southside.

Diddy and Yung Miami

It seems as if Diddy is bound to be a lifelong bachelor but will continue to date beautiful rap stars even into his golden years. Diddy is still one of the top and highest-paid rappers. Although, the money doesn’t come from rap alone. Diddy is a successful entrepreneur with several different successful companies.

Diddy and Yung Miami may have had a moment together but that moment is over and both of them are on to bigger and better things. We can’t wait to see what happens next for both of these superstars.


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